Tradewind is an Other Transaction Authority (OTA), developed by the Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO), that allows the Department of Defense (DoD) to acquire and procure the best AI solutions in a more efficient and effective manner. The OTA was awarded to Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3), who are setting up and managing this collaborative ecosystem.

Through the Tradewind environment, the CDAO partners with commercial, academic and industry partners, who in turn work with the DoD to develop, design and implement AI capabilities. A primary goal is to create an environment of transparency between the DoD, academia, and industry, thereby fostering a healthy “whole-of-nation” approach to supporting the DoD with AI innovations.

About CDAO

The mission of the CDAO is to accelerate the adoption and integration of AI in the DoD to achieve mission impact — at scale. The CDAO serves as the focal point for the execution of the DoD’s AI Strategy that supports the U.S. National Defense Strategy (2018). As the DoD center excellence for AI, the CDAO continues to attract the best and brightest people from across government, commercial industry and academia to carry out its vision to transform the U.S. military through AI.

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About IN3

IN3 is a nonprofit that works with academia, industry and government to create a hub of national security innovation that helps solve critical defense priorities. IN3 connects regional, state and national partners through a variety of means, including convening research and business teams to solve emerging technical challenges for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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