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The 5 Pillars of a Commercial Solutions Opening

The Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) is quite possibly the greatest Contracting mind-set shift we’ll see in our professional careers. You may have heard, the U.S. Department of Defense...

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Learning How to Unlearn Conventional Knowledge to Foster Creativity

I recently read that the definition of common knowledge is information that is so widely accepted, no one questions it. This really made me think about how often I accept the proverbial status quo.

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Don’t “FAR” Over My OTA

The title of this post has been my mantra when implementing prototype other transaction agreements for four years. I wish I could take credit for this punny and clever slogan, but I first heard it...

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Let Your “Yes” Be “Yes” and Your “No” Be “Yes, But…"

Always find a way - one of the greatest skills for a Government Acquisition professional to have. Some may say that this kind of skill is developed through years of experience in learning the...

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Welcome to Tradewind: A New Model for AI Delivery in the DoD

Tradewind strives to provide the forceful winds that deliver the AI cargo to the final destination. Let’s work together to build this environment and enjoy the fruits of AI for the defense of our...