TryAI Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO)

What Is TryAI?

This Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) is a merit-based, competitive, bid-selection model used by federal contracting and agreements officers to acquire “demonstrations” of innovative commercial items. By using CSOs, federal organizations can more quickly acquire and test commercial AI solutions. For private industry, CSOs allow contracts for innovative technology to be struck more quickly and on commercial-friendly terms.

AI Focus Areas

  • Data Readiness
  • AI Assurance
  • Synthetic Data
  • Edge/Fog Deployments
  • Data Labeling
  • Integration with 5G
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • AI Security
  • AI Ethics

TryAI Benefits

Flexibility of Proposal: General solicitation provides innovative AI companies the opportunity to respond with technical solutions to broadly defined AI areas of exploration.

Speed of Evaluation: Proposals are evaluated in a peer review process for intrinsic merit rather than being compared to other proposals.

Cost Control: CSO gives the federal government wide discretion in choosing which solution should be funded with U.S. tax dollars.

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