Oct 07, 2021 | Webinar

Tradewind Orientation Session 07 OCT 2021

Tradewind is pleased to offer a weekly member-based Orientation Session via one-hour Zoom events. During these sessions we discuss what the Tradewind OTA is, how it works, and examine the processes used to compete projects through this non-FAR based agreement.

We’ll also discuss topics that commonly are either unknown or found to confuse organizations not accustomed to working with the Federal Government or Department of Defense.
We welcome you to come at least once, and as many times as you like! This is especially important as no two sessions are the same… they’re fueled by YOUR questions, and YOUR engagement!

If you’d like to register for any Tradewind Orientation Session, you need only become a member! It’s as easy as clicking the registration button above, completing the form, and hitting submit!