Nov 17, 2021 | Webinar

Tradewind OTA Short Course – Form DD2345

We recognize that not every member of our Tradewind community fully understands the various registrations and/or attestations that might be required to not only compete for OTA-related opportunities, but to receive a project award under an OTA.

As a result, we’re offering our first-ever Tradewind OTA Short-Course. This is a simple webinar-style presentation on specific aspects of competing under an OTA for Prototype, like Tradewind, that offers you the information about a specific topic to enable you to understand the nature of the information, and to act with confidence!

Our first topic will be an information session about the Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD 2345). You’ve likely heard of these before but may not recognize its significance for your competitive eligibility. Don’t miss this important session as it’s highly likely forthcoming opportunities will require your organization to have a current DD2345 executed.

If you’d like to register for any Tradewind OTA Short Course, you need only become a member! It’s as easy as clicking the registration button above, completing the form, and hitting submit!