Vulcan Scout Card Deadline: October 15, 2021 at 9am

BACKGROUND.  Achieving decision advantage is a strategic priority for the Department of Defense as it accelerates progress towards Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2).  As part of that effort, Joint Force Commanders need better technology to conduct rapid JADC2 in competition, crisis, or conflict.

OPERATIONAL GAP.  Operators at Combatant Commands (CCMDs) rely on siloed, vertically integrated applications that often isolate a user’s view to a small subset of sensors, effectors, and/or domains.  This forces a user to “swivel-chair” between multiple systems or contend with a constrained view of their area of interest.  Many of these legacy systems lack the interoperability to easily interface with downstream applications. Since the architecture does not exist to connect these disparate systems together, human operators function as the connectors, manually transmitting relevant information via email, chat, or voice communications.  Ultimately, this paradigm results in Joint Force Commanders unable to make data-driven decisions, with decisions made at slower speeds, with less available information and less actionable insights.

DESIRED SOLUTION.  To address this challenge, the Joint AI Center (JAIC) is seeking novel solutions to build a prototype for an open architecture platform and workflow automation applications initially focused on real-time, sensor-to-sensor use cases.  The JAIC believes the envisioned solution will be an operating system (OS)-like platform that is designed with open application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate with sensors, effectors and potentially other data sources.  This platform must have easy interoperability with third party systems and would likely have a software developer toolkit (SDK) to enable future development of third party applications.

Under this prototyping effort, the JAIC also envisions an initial set of applications built on top of the platform that focus on automating decision workflows for the CCMDs.

Example applications/workflows are:

  • An AI-assisted application that fuses data from multiple sensor modalities and domains to enhance real or near real-time targeting. This application would be able to conduct machine-to-machine (or sensor-to-sensor) tasking, with humans either on or in the loop.
  • An AI-assisted application that fuses Red and Blue force data to be able to rapidly generate data-informed operational-level courses of action (CoAs).

The entire solution must be designed to scale and set the foundation for an ecosystem of AI-enabled applications that support a broader set of JADC2 use cases following the completion of this prototype.

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