(Update as of 0835 on 21 MAR 2022: The deadline for submission has been correctly restated on the Opportunity list page as 31 AUG 2022).

The Tradewind program is a collaborative, streamlined AI acquisition platform that engages the world’s top innovators and helps equip the Department of Defense (DoD) with the most advanced technologies in the world. One of the services provided to DoD program managers under the Tradewind umbrella is support in evaluating AI/ML technologies. This support includes identifying and utilizing key laboratory resources best suited for assessing the performance of their AI/ML algorithms and platforms. The Tradewind team is thus establishing a central assessment laboratory in the capital region and is building a network of partners interesting in providing their expertise and facilities in support of the central assessment center.

This hub and spoke model allows the DoD to rapidly and effectively reach and engage a broad spectrum of AI/ML expertise through a central entity. The Tradewind team is seeking information from organizations with capabilities to support the evaluation of AI/ML applications and supporting/complimenting technologies. The information procured from this RFI will be used to initiate further discussions potentially leading to a formal relationship and rapid engagement and utilization of your facility. Nothing in this RFI should be construed as an invitation to make an offer, nor will the responses be reviewed by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). The Tradewind ecosystem and program partner will review the responses, which may then be used in any future evaluation RFP.

Organizations having experience and capabilities to support AI/ML technology assessment and evaluations are invited to submit a white paper (not to exceed 5 pages) that addresses the items outlined in the accompanying downloadable document.