*Please note the original deadline of 04 OCT 2021 has been extended to 06 OCT 2021.

The JAIC is seeking solutions for commercial technologies to foster technological innovation relevant to the capability gap identified in this Call to Industry. In this context, innovative means any new technology, process, or business practice, or any new application of an existing technology, process, or business practice that that enhances mission effectiveness for the JAIC.

This Call to Industry identifies the competitive process and includes multiple phases for selection, which may result in the award of several prototype projects as a result of this multi-phased competitive process. This is an open and rolling Call to Industry for 90 days from publication of this Call, meaning the Government may return to submissions under any Phase and continue to consider proof-of-concepts for possible prototype project award(s) after the initial Phase 1 submission review deadline (see “Process/Timeline” Section in associated documentation).

Participation requires that you register in the Vulcan platform using the associated link below.


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