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The Tradewind program is a collaborative, streamlined AI acquisition platform that engages the world’s top innovators and helps equip the Department of Defense with the most advanced technologies in the world. Innovation and subject matter expertise are the fuel that drives the Tradewind enterprise. This RFI is seeking information from individuals who are interested in supporting the Tradewind enterprise by providing Subject Matter Expertise to the product development and acquisition cycle supported by Tradewind.

Nothing in this RFI should be construed as an invitation to make an offer, nor will responses be reviewed by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC). The Tradewind ecosystem and program partner will review the responses, which may then be used in any future information request and engagement.

Tradewind engages Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support the entire lifecycle of AI/ML prototyping efforts. The purpose of this RFI is to build a database of SMEs in Industry, academia and government that have interest and expertise in providing their innovation and expertise for indefinite periods of time to the following types of activities:

  • Technology Road Mapping
  • Evaluating Validity of Applying AI Technologies in certain applications
  • Requirement Development and Refinement
  • Technology Scouting
  • Technology Evaluation and Assessment
  • Technology Transition

While these are the initial activities where the SME concept will be employed, the list of activities is expected to expand. SMEs can be engaged through a variety of contractual methods including consultants, Interagency Personnel Act (IPAs), Special Interest Groups (SIG), and other Tradewind contracts including the Talent Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). It is dependent upon skillset and program logistics.

For complete details, and a submission form, please refer to the attachment on this page. Submissions must be sent to tradewindsme@tradewindai.com.