The submission deadline for Perceptor has been extended to no later than 08:00 EST on 09 AUG 2021.


“Perceptor”, formerly referred to as “Spaceptor”.

The Tradewind OTA Enterprise Office (operated by IN3), in conjunction with the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) will host a competitive process to assess and acquire technical solution(s) that can ingest and process Space Domain Awareness (SDA) data from both electro-optical and RADAR data at “the edge” to enable timely and accurate SDA. This effort is vital to informing decision makers on what actions are occurring on orbit and identifying potential threats (manmade or natural) to assets.

The initial submission deadline is 08/02/2021 @ 1700 EST.

Any responses to questions will be posted on this same page with date/time stamp to indicate the most recent update, along with any slides or recordings posted for future Q&A events, as relevant.