Accelerating the Pace of AI Adoption

Tradewind is a collaborative, streamlined AI acquisition platform that engages the world’s top innovators and helps equip the Department of Defense with the most advanced technologies in the world.

The Chief Digital and AI Office (CDAO) is the focal point for the execution of the Department of Defense AI strategy.
US National Security Depends on AI

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the character and business of warfare.

If the U.S. Military is to remain the most technologically advanced in the world, we need to simplify and accelerate the AI adoption process across the DoD. Tradewind was built to answer that call and is essential to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations and strengthening our military and Warfighter.

Committed to the Ethical Procurement and Deployment of Responsible AI

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How it works

Tradewind is a cutting-edge AI acquisition model, making the process more collaborative, fact-based, and effective.

Rapid AI Delivery

Tradewind quickly awards prototype agreements in 30-60 days and enables the DoD to quickly, repeatedly, and ethically operationalize critical AI technologies.

AI-Unique Tools & Processes

Tradewind provides a decentralized, automated process for innovative AI acquisition, including customized tools, AI-unique contracting guidance, and logistics solutions.

Direct Access

Tradewind offers direct access to AI subject matter experts and a broad network of small business, academic, and traditional AI providers.
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Tradewind Community

Tradewind brings together a diverse and growing community of AI innovators across multiple sectors.


Nimble startups, major system integrators, global corporations, and other AI-focused industry organizations all represent a vital part of the Tradewind ecosystem. For smaller companies especially, Tradewind acts as their direct link to the DoD and provides a platform in which niche AI solutions can be integrated and deployed faster and with greater efficiency than ever before.


For our partners in academia, Tradewind serves as a guide on their AI journey and enables them to scale research and build AI solutions that help solve many of the DoD’s most consequential challenges. Tradewind connects academia to real-world AI capabilities and offers direct access to advisory boards, university and industry partners, direct funding channels, and in many cases, actual service members in the field.


Tradewind creates a hub of national security innovation and enables our DoD partners to solve critical defense priorities. By fostering airtight collaboration between government and the world’s most innovative AI organizations and academic institutions, we’re able to bring advanced capabilities into the hands of our Warfighter more efficiently and effectively.